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The "Trousers of Reality" series is about the exciting concepts and thought tools I have gathered as a computer programmer, manager, coach, trainer and explorer into the creative mind. It is about why we should listen to the voices of thinkers throughout human history. It is about identifying what works, why it works, how to apply it and where we can take it next.

Science and the human quest for knowledge advance tirelessly. We are pushing the boundaries in every direction. New research astounds us daily with amazing breakthroughs. We are outstripping the science fiction of our parents. We have tremendous knowledge and technology at our fingertips as we reach into the very heart of existence and consciousness. We are standing on the threshold of taking control of our own evolution.

So why do so many of our shared habits and essential institutions insist on making life and work so competitive, aggressive and unpleasant for so many? If you really think about it, many of the stresses of life, particularly in the workplace, are completely unnecessary. Stress serves only to generate lowered self esteem, ill health, isolation and a chronic sense of panic in our life.

My mission with these books is to appeal to people to stop and think about reality. We often overcomplicate the requirements of life and work with incomplete, distorted and misleading assumptions. Reality is often simpler than we allow it to be. Deep down many of us suspect this. It is time to identify and encourage our common humanity. It is time to choose the direction in which we want to take reality - down one leg we can continue to play games of winners and losers and down the other we can share the genius of our nature.

The purpose of the Trousers of Reality is to get people to question habitual behaviours so that as individuals, companies and societies, we can extract ourselves from the ruts into which we have slipped, examine consequences and find better, fairer and more fulfilling ways to move forward.

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The Ingenious Engine Of Reality
The second book in the Trousers of Reality series.
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"The usefulness of the book for people who have to manage people and knowledge is endless."

The British Computer Society review of this book previously titled "Managing Knowledge" (July 2012)

Agile Exposed
Blowing the whistle on Agile hype.
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for an overview

Agile Exposed: take a closer look

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"excellent advice for anyone participating in, or contemplating agile"

The British Computer Society review of Agile Exposed (March 2012)

TOR: Volume One
The first book in the Trousers of Reality series.
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for an overview.

The Trousers of Reality: take a closer look

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"Evans has some really good things to communicate in here. His approach is unconventional and bold. He speaks to the reader personally. He talks about managing humans, not about management theory. He talks about what works and what doesn't when dealing with people." - Ian Alexander's book review
"I started to ask myself why does it work and isnít it interesting that other things that work all seem to intersect at a subset like a huge Venn diagram" - Interview with Willem Van Den Ende
"This is one of those books where you will genuinely get out of it what you put in...In another time or place, this book could be easy seen as subversive" - The British Computer Society review
"these concepts are...drawn together in forehead slapping clarity. This, I think, is what makes this book accessible, the author's ability to describe an easily digestible deep structure from seemingly disparate surface structure concepts." - In depth analysis at "slashdot"
"The most interesting part for me was the chapter on deep structure. Inspired by this I produced my interpretation" - A reader's blog diagrams at "Mangled"