The Trousers of Reality- Volume 2: take a closer look

A book about finding your balance in life, work and play.

The Trousers of Reality- Volume 2: take a closer look

Book Overview

Powerful, effective and rewarding approaches to thinking (Agile, Theory of Constraints, NLP etc.) are used by amazing people across Industry, Science, Education and The Arts. They reject petty, competitive behaviours in favour of collaboration, creativity, productivity and fulfilment. Thinking this way is more natural than the limiting beliefs we are sometimes fooled into adopting about ourselves and others.

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Working Life is the first volume of four. It can be used as a standalone volume but I have also designed it to shed light on later volumes and to be reread with deeper understanding in conjunction with them. I have provided links to topics connected to its themes and I have presented many first principles in a way that may be useful for students of programming and project management as well as those interested in the practical application of logic.

One of the major themes is that of the information technology that is all around us. My intent was to present the material on projects as a metaphor for life and to simultaneously address some of the issues facing people who work with this technology.

The first part of the book sets the context and seeks to break through some artificial boundaries.

The second part of the book discusses inspiration and how to recognise and benefit from it.

The third part of the book examines the importance of balance and the necessity to achieve and maintain it.

The fourth part of the book looks at how the ability to understand context can enhance our understanding.

Thought exercises and ideas are introduced recursively in a way that I hope you will enjoy and find useful.

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