The Ingenious Engine of Reality

A book about how management practices should be updated to support the fact that we are living in the Information Age where, increasingly, people's own brains have become the unit of production.

The Ingenious Engine of Reality
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Book Overview

Is free will deterministic, can you motivate an old dog to learn new tricks and where does creativity flow from?

The Ingenious Engine of Reality examines the meaning and application of consciousness. It starts by exploring recent advances in neuroscience to ask why and how we do things. It provides a cornucopia of useful links to management theory, philosophy, science and more.

We are living through a pivotal point in human social evolution at which many stubborn and counter-productive dogmas are being successfully challenged. These include erroneous assumptions and beliefs about the brain and consciousness.

The Ingenious Engine of Reality highlights the work and courage of amazing scientists and thinkers who have used the tools of deep mathematics, rigorous science, tireless research and often startlingly obvious psychology to defy the limitations of these beliefs. They are discovering how we interpret reality to learn and adapt. They explain how we sometimes avoid reality altogether, making things harder for ourselves with our habits and beliefs. You do not have to be a scientist, mathematician or medical professional to understand the knowledge that is being unlocked. It is knowledge that can transform daily life, work and learning. Everything that every person does will benefit from implementing its lessons.

The Ingenious Engine of Reality explores neuroscience, epigenetics, brain plasticity, creativity and human nature. It presents philosophical and practical implications in an accessible and entertaining way. It suggests how NLP, Agile and similar approaches can make use of this knowledge even in something as practical as project management.

Previously published as "Managing Knowledge" this is the second book in the Trousers of Reality series. Although it continues where The Trousers of Reality left off it can be read as a stand alone volume.

The first part of the book discusses recent discoveries in neuroscience and epigenetics and their implications in understanding human behaviour.

The second part of the book discusses where these discoveries intersect with epistemology, logic and philosophy and what that tells us about consciousness and communication.

The third part of the book looks at how we can use this knowledge to train our creative and critical faculties to connect to what we find fulfilling.

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